About me



Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’


 I’m Christel, 34 years old, proud mom of Milan and live with my boyfriend and son in the city centre of Rotterdam.

My love and passion for fashion was always there. When I was a little girl I was always busy with thinking of new outfits, browsing through fashion magazines and putting outfits together for myself and other people.

Three years ago I started “Addicted to Fashion”.  A fashion blog which was born as a hobby. The aim was to inspire others with my sense of style and view on the fashion industry.

A few years later “Styled by Chris” was born. A more personal blog that focuses on style, trends, tips and a peek into my personal life as a blogger, stylist, freelance writer and mom.

Styled by Chris is a piece of me, a diary full of outfits, trends, fashion tips and style advice. Still I love to work on my blog and I am grateful that this blog brought me all the beautiful work and cooperations.

Besides Styled by Chris I started with an online shop at the end of 2016 and I expanded my work as a stylist with fashion party’s in my country. This is called “The Cherry Picker”.

Clothing is an important aspect in my life. It shows people who you are without having to speak, it gives you self convidence on a bad day and it shows your personality.

I hope you’l have as much as fun of reading my blogs as I did in writing and creating them!

And never forget; stay true to your own style!


Lots of love,