Black & Blue


On a Blue Monday I was sitting in front of my laptop and wrote my very first blogpost. This has now been 3 years ago. You might say time has flown, but it were full years (literally and figuratively). I quit my job as an accountmanager, I registered at the Chambre of Commerce, I got my first collaborations, Milan was born, I got engaged, got new friendships and build so many great and treasured moments.

Sometimes I think of that time how it all started and realize that I’ve made the best decision ever in my life; stop with doing something you don’t enjoy anymore and follow your heart and dreams.
Many people did this before and they were my inspiration. So I hope I’ll be an inspiration for others. I would love to be and it means this blog has some meaning as well besides fashion.

To keep it to this “Blue Monday” trend I’m wearing some blue items myself today. Blue is a color we’re going to see a lot this season (besides green). I love it because this color is so versatile, easy to combine and looks great at anytime.
When the summer will come to Holland (hello summer, it has been a while), I would wear this dark blue dress with bare legs. Today the weather asks for some more clothing so I’m wearing the dress on leatherlook leggings with lace boots and oversized denim jacket.
This jacket is something you like or dislike. When you like it, that’s good for you cause this season is all about oversized fashion!

Happy Monday to you!











Blue dress – Maison Scotch (via Jeroen Beekman)
Denim jacket – Zara
Leggings – Sparkz
Boots – Shabbies Amsterdam
Crossbody – Supertrash